Saturday, February 2, 2013

Work/Life Balance – Easy, right?

In today’s workplace, the pace and demands are ever increasing. With this continuous pressure, when does one find time in their busy life for health and overall well-being? 

I'd be interested to hear what many of you practice to maintain a healthy lifestyle given the demands of "life."

As your coach, I draw upon a vast array of experience including nearly 20 years in the corporate world, with the requisite 10+ hour days across global time zones, early mornings to late nights, triple booked meetings, lunch meetings, etc., and competitive sports time commitments as a former professional athlete. However, I always managed to incorporate health into my daily life. From the little everyday things to making healthy eating and exercise simply a “habit” – I made it happen and stuck with it. I will work with you in creative ways to help you achieve attainable and sustainable goals - allowing you to regenerate and remain focused.

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